Speaking at Your Event

Keith is available to speak at events, anywhere in the world. He has addressed diverse audiences, including regional, national and international gatherings of FreedomFest, News America Marketing, Coldwell Banker Real Estate, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, The Tea Party, the American Medical Association, Point72 Capital and many others.

Editing, rewriting or structuring of your manuscript or speech

Dr. Keith Ablow has published 15 novels, true crime and self-help books with major publishers, selling millions of copies, in total.  Whether you are writing a novel, a non-fiction book or a research paper or business presentation, Keith is ready to dive in with editing, rewriting and structuring to help make the work extraordinary.  Got a speech to deliver?  Count on Keith to help make it impactful and unforgettable.

Screenplay and treatment development for film, scripted TV and reality TV projects

Keith has sold screenplays and treatments to network television and cable television, as both the writer and executive producer.  He can join you or your team to advance your creative film or television projects, too.

Coaching for on-camera appearances, radio interviews and print interviews

Keith has appeared on national and local television over 1,000 times, including appearances on the Today Show, Oprah and Good Morning America.  He was a frequent guest on Howard Stern and many other radio programs and has been interviewed by dozens of national publications.  He can help prepare you to make the most of your television interviews, radio interviews or print interviews.

Leadership coaching and development

Keith has developed a unique system of looking inside the mind and soul of leaders, in order to maximize their effectiveness.  He has worked with local and national politicians, CEOs and entrepreneurs, around the world.  He can be your partner to define your goals and achieve them.

Crisis Management

As a psychiatrist and media personality for 30 years, Keith has been called upon to strategize and synergize with companies and individuals at times of crisis—whether regarding safety issues or public relations emergencies or times of dramatic and unexpected change.  When he joins an individual or team in crisis mode, he will be a trusted resource around the clock, or around the world, if need be.

Custom Creative Projects

To discuss custom creative projects call 978.462.1125 to schedule your complimentary consultation.


Pricing is available on an hourly rate or a per-project basis.