Questions You Can Expect to Answer for Your Creativity Coach

Creators being seized by irresistible impulses to generate manuscripts, or new entrepreneurial ventures, or new directions in which to lead existing businesses isn’t actually the way that creative efforts usually unfold.  Very often, the most powerful elements of worthy creative pursuits can be coaxed to the surface by questions.  Those questions then begin a process of further inquiry, effort, trial and error and editing (whether a business or a book) to get to the final product.

What are some of the questions I have put to my creative coaching clients?  Here are four areas of inquiry that may get your own creative energy flowing:

1- Creative people can often direct their creative energies to any number of possible projects.  If you were to choose one that you feel you have to pursue during your time on this planet, which project would it be?  Which one would you be satisfied with people close to you saying you had completed before your death?  I know focusing on death could sound a little morbid, but doing so can really get to the heart of your creative life.

2- Has there been a creative endeavor that excited you, but which you abandoned, at any point in your life—whether as a child, adolescent or adult?  Sometimes, we get negative feedback on our best ideas and truest talents, or at least don’t get the support we need to pursue them.  That’s because our talents can actually seem threatening to those around us who live at a distance from their own or who worry we’ll somehow get lost pursuing ours.  Reclaiming a creative impulse or agenda we buried can restart our creative engines in profound ways.

3- Is there a current project you’ve worked on—whether in art or in business or as an inventor—that is “partly” or “mostly” what you think it could be?  What is your most audacious vision of what it could be?  Why not go about actualizing that vision?  Too many of us are satisfied with getting the equivalent of a creative field goal when we could go for the touchdown and score.  Is there fear keeping you from the end zone?  What is that fear?  How can it be countered?

4- What creative project or passion would you be willing to pursue if it were not going to lead to fame or wealth, and you knew that, for sure?  Those are the projects, by the way, that speak to your soul.  And when you serve your soul, other people recognize it deep inside their own souls.  Those creative, inspiring connections—to self and others—are invaluable.  They’re also, by the way, the ones that often end up yielding worldly success, specifically because they aren’t designed to go after it.

The idea that artists or entrepreneurs need to be solitary folks pulling out their hair to get to the best ideas inside their heads isn’t so.  Very often, honest inspiration is one or two questions away.  And honest inspiration is the first wondrous step in manifesting spectacular creations.

Dr. Keith Ablow


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