Dr. Keith Ablow offers creative coaching to artists, writers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders seeking support in achieving their goals. Keith Ablow’s Pain-2-Power Creative Pathway is a process of exploring what is holding you back from achieving your creative goals, then developing a plan to overcome those obstacles.

Keith Ablow is committed to helping you define and achieve your creative goals. He knows the steps to take to begin your project or bring a work in progress to the next level.  He has achieved remarkable success in many arenas. Keith Ablow has:

  • Published 16 fiction and non-fiction books (including New York Times and USA Today bestsellers)
  • Written hundreds of articles for the New York Times, Washington Post and USA Today
  • Appeared as a guest on the Today Show, Oprah, Good Morning America and other television programs over 1,000 times
  • Sold major entertainment projects (including television drama scripts, reality TV treatments and
    nationally syndicated talk show) to Warner Brothers and other venues
  • Secured patents on a number of inventions
  • Raised over $10M to fund businesses in the technology, health care and consumer product arenas
  • And even launched his own successful art project

If your mind wanders to your dream of inventing the latest must have gadget, or starting your own business, or pursuing a career in art when you should be creating financial reports for your boss, then it may be time to consider investing in yourself and hiring a creative coach.

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